China, Campaigns and Churches

It’s been a while since I last posted an entry.  The last four months have been packed with events and new adventures and I haven’t posted a thing.  One. Single. Thing. Allow me to catch you up?


It was an honor and a blessing to spend eight days visiting my sister in China. This was actually the most time we have spent together in 7-8 years!  My sister is in her second year of teaching English at one of the universities.  I have heard stories and seen pictures of the work the father is doing but nothing compares to seeing and being a part of everything first hand.  One night I was able to sing “Forever Reign” with a new brother and sister.  I posted a clip below.  The eight days flew by and it was hard to leave my sister again. Seriously, I’m the one who started tearing up at the airport. Shoot, I’m doing it right now just typing this.  I’m proud of my sister more than words could ever express, and even though she is missed – she is having a large part in the work of the kingdom.  she’s leaving a legacy…just like our mom.


The hardest part of being in China was helping run a campaign with limited internet access and a 12 hour time difference. Yeah, I had phone calls at 3 in the morning discussing video shoots.  In January a dear friend announced that he was running for US Senate and was honored when he asked me to help with a website.  Somehow that evolved and I fell into the role of a campaign manager.   We ended up not winning the primary, but the lessons and values I learned during these 4 months have had a large impact on the next chapter of my life. Ted is one of the most obedient, God fearing-loving men that I know.  Seeing his faith in action spurred me on to do the same. The ability to thrive in my creativity and think strategically has led me to one of the most exciting things in my life…


One of my greatest desires is to plant a church in Alaska. No, I’m not moving anytime soon but I am transitioning from my roles at Daystar as I help plant another church in Greensboro. My season at Daystar has been wonderful and I don’t think I will ever be able to express my love and honor enough to everyone!  July 20th will be my last morning playing at Daystar.  Piedmont Chapel will officially launch on September 7, 2014 at The Grand Theatre at Four Seasons.  The next few months are an exciting time as we build a team around us to develop our culture and ministries.  If you are in the Greensboro area and would like to learn more let me know.  We will be meeting on June 1st at the theatre for a launch meeting. Come out for a free breakfast and coffee to learn more about Piedmont Chapel. Here’s a video invite below: