Living In The Moment

I was watching a concert from The Civil Wars the other week when I noticed how something that’s common in today’s society seemed out of place to me from the outside.  As Joy Williams  and John Paul White took the stage people in the audience began holding up their cell phones for the first 15 seconds of their set.   They proceeded to look down to send their photos to the social networking site of their choice, all while ignoring THE CIVIL WARS.


I mean, I get it.  I’m guilty of it. I’ll snap a photo to capture and share the moment while bobbing my head to the beat of the song. But this time it got me thinking of this from a musicians POV. What if that were me on the stage looking out upon an audience captivated by their phones?  I would have a few thoughts for you.  Three, actually…and here they are.


1. Enjoy this moment, now.   You’ll have plenty of time to share your night with your friends later.  There’s no need to update the world with what you’re doing.  Hey did you see that? I just did something that people will be talking about for a while and you missed it because you were on your phone, mr front row guy.  Don’t miss out on the memories by trying to collect one and share it with everyone.

2. Invest in your memory.  I still have vivid memories of events that I attended or certain activities I took part in as a kid. There are no pictures of those moments, but I can still see everything as clear as can be.  I can even relive the smells of certain memories.  You are a wonderful creation and God has given us these great things called memories. Invest and trust yours.


I’ll go back through my Camera Roll months later and often times have trouble remembering what in the world was going on in this picture.  Same thing is true with phone #s.  I still remember my  family and friends phone numbers from growing up.  I couldn’t tell you a single friend or family members phone # today.


3. Leave the outside world alone. Our lives are full of fears, worries and concerns.  A lot of us are guilty for not letting entertainment take our minds off of our troubles.  Put away that cell phone for a while. Leave it outside the venue and go on a journey with the artist.  You may find something that you desperately need for the world outside.


I’m not saying to completely do away with taking pictures of memorable moments. You’ll find me  taking a picture here and there. I am asking that you join me in thinking about how and when we do this.  (At least wait til the new song you never heard and take a picture. That will make us musicians feel better.)


What about you?  Do you find yourself trying to share a picture perfect moment of your life?