Monsters: Be Brave when facing our fears


I try to be intentional with my son in the mornings on the way to school.  I believe the time in the car is a great time to facilitate conversation, laugh and create a deeper bond with your kids.


This morning I had an interesting conversation with my four year old. It went like this…

Me:  “I want you to do one thing today really well.”

Caedmon: “What, Dad?”

Me: “I want you to be brave!”

Caedmon: “I already am brave at school.”

Me: “How are you brave at school?”

Caedmon: “I’m not afraid of monsters and stuff.”


And then God begins speaking to me, like he always does through these simple conversations. (I think maybe I get the most out of conversing with my son.)


The fears that I face today that hinder me from stepping into the next step of my journey are no different than the monster under the bed that I faced when I was a kid. They’re just silly things that keep me from experiencing the best in life.


Then I read through my Four Goals for 2015

 and am reminded to risk more. So today, I am preparing to take more risks and be brave in the face of my monsters. I will laugh and celebrate like a kid when I see that the fears weren’t real.


What about you, do you have monsters in your life? Take a step today to be brave. I will celebrate with you.