My Son Despises The Voices In My Head

My son and I were driving around town a few months back. If you have preschool kids, your time in the car is probably a lot like mine.  We spend it singing silly songs, answering every why question known to man (these end, right?), chasing trains and dreaming aloud about their destinations.

I was feeling even more quirky this day.  I decided to speak using the most random and bizarre voices imaginable.  I expected to hear laughter, but I got a response that I never expected.

4 year old: “Dad, Stop that!!!”

Me: “Stop what?”

4 year old: “Stop speaking in that voice!”

Me: (changing voices again) “Is this better?”

4 year old: “No! Stop it, Dad!”

At this point I was feeling a little sad. I was hoping we could be silly and laugh as we drove wherever we were going.

Me: “What voice do you want me to use?”

4 year old: “Your other voice. Your normal voice”

Me: “But there’s nothing funny about this voice…”

4 year old: “I like that voice. It’s your voice.”

It hit me…

…this simple truth spoken from the mouth of a child.

I spend a lot of time chasing after this ‘idea’ that if I could sing or play guitar like this person, or if only I could communicate as effectively as this other person…that then I would be effective and have an impact on others around me.

I have learned through the years that this isn’t just an ‘idea’… it’s simply a lie from the enemy to keep me from being who I was created to be.


That’s it.

My son was most satisfied when I stopped pretending to be somebody else and simply spoke in my own voice.

What voice are those around you hearing?

Let those voices come to an end as you walk in the strength of your own voice.

After all, it was give to you and only you.

  • Great thoughts Jamie. Thanks for sharing them. You are vital and your voice is needed. BUUUUT you can call me and talk in funny voices….if it’ll make you feel better.

    • Thanks Chris. I may just do that. It’s been a while since we’ve caught up.

  • Mitch Lunceford

    Awesome post

    • Thanks Pastor Mitch! Your story in your sermon about Jamon a few weeks ago encouraged me to write about this experience.