Yesterday I watched Drew Brees stand on the sideline as he missed his first game since high school. He kept focused and would always break the huddle with an in-sync clap as he watched from afar. This stirred something within me and I finally figured it out this morning while I was laying on the chiropractors table.
-21996b3ef56e9a8bI have never been seriously injured. I wouldn’t even call what I’m going through a ‘serious’ injury, but it has sidelined me from a lot of things for this past month. It’s ridiculously hard to sit on the side and not be able to do the things you love and live for.
I look forward to getting back to transforming the theater each week at Piedmont Chapel. I look forward to playing music again and being able to have full mobility of my fingers. And most importantly, I look forward to playing with and picking up my son for more than a few minutes without knowing I will spend several hours in immense pain later that day. 
This isn’t really a post about the pain and suffering I’m experiencing.  I just wanted to take time to say that I’m glad I am living a life where there is nothing else I would rather be doing. I saw those same feelings on Drew’s face yesterday.  It was a beautiful reminder to find a life worth living and be completely in.